Flight Safety

  1. Flight safety is an important aspect of flight training. Both aircrew and groundcrew must be aware of the need for correct safety practices. You are in a position to reduce incorrect, unsafe and illegal practices. To be successful, a flight safety program requires the correct attitude, proper supervision, rigid enforcement, and proper training. Your student learns by example — you must set this example.
  2. An experienced instructor is an effective supporter of the principles of good airmanship and flight discipline. As you gain experience, learn to recognize unsafe practices and do something to correct the situation. Practice flight safety by:
    1. being alert to unsafe practices and taking the appropriate action;
    2. following-up when you see an unsafe practice by informing the people involved that they have been seen; and
    3. promoting the principles of effective flight safety to students and other aircrew and groundcrew.
  3. Flight safety consciousness by all personnel must become the fashion. Unsafe procedures must be watched for, identified, and their elimination effected by firm and consistent action. Throughout your instruction, stress the importance of being fuel conscious, the need for proper lookout and the danger of loose articles in the aircraft.