Pre-Flight Briefing


  1. Discussion on a one-to-one basis just prior to the conduct of an air exercise to ensure that the student understands exactly what will take place. This is essentially a practical briefing on the Air Instruction in Part II of this guide, avoiding theory but including the important aspects:
    1. what are we going to do;
    2. how are we going to do it; and, 
    3. safety Considerations.
  2. This is separate from the ground presentations. It should precede all flights, whether or not there is a new exercise to be covered. It is also particularly important when sending a student solo. Points that should be covered include:
    1. meteorological and aerodrome conditions, and NOTAM;
    2. the aeroplane to be used, its fuel state and other relevant information;
    3. where the exercises will be conducted;
    4. take-off time, duration of flight and time when the helicopter is due to land back at base;
    5. the sequence of exercises to be covered during the flight; and,
    6. a review of relevant airmanship points.