Human Factors - Brochure

April 1999

Human Factors is the focus of so much attention today because human error has contributed to over 80% of aviation accidents. Most of the accidents reported by the Transportation Safety Board would likely never have happened if the concepts in these handbooks had been applied! These handbooks provide a practical awareness of the traps that commonly face a pilot and how to counteract them.

The handbooks were designed by a Human Factors team for Transport Canada following International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) recommendations. Transport Canada has taken a leading and active role to include Human Factors in aviation training.

One of the most effective ways to implement Human Factors is to give the right training tools to flight and ground instructors. A single instructor will come into contact with many students, all of whom will be exposed to the material. But the handbooks are also designed for the students themselves, licensed pilots, and others to use without the help of an instructor.

Human Factors for Aviation - Basic Handbook is designed to be a plain language introduction to human factors for pilots in the earlier stages of their flying careers. The material is geared to pilots, but the principles apply to others in the aviation system, in fact to any job. This handbook also provides background material for the Advanced Handbook.

Human Factors for Aviation - Advanced Handbook applies more particularly to pilots who fly commercially (corporate, charter, commuter, and airlines) or those who fly with more sophisticated equipment. This volume covers issues such as aircraft complexity, altitude and duration of flight, jet lag and fatigue, and the pressures of the commercial environment, all of which can affect the safety of flight. As in the Basic Handbook, the principles in this handbook can apply equally to others in the aviation system.

Human Factors for Aviation - Instructor's Guide is designed to be used by instructors to integrate the important elements of human factors knowledge and skills in both flight and ground school.

The Basic Handbook and Instructor's Guide contain a rich list of useful resources. In addition all of the books contain an extensive bibliography.

Safe flying.

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