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August 2005

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This document is intended to help an Approved Maintenance Organization's (AMO) confirm that their Maintenance Policy Manual (MPM) meets the regulatory requirements. It can also be used by a Transport Canada inspector as a checklist to assist with the MPM review prior to approval.

The regulatory reference is shown for each requirement and columns are provided for the organization to indicate where in the MPM each item is addressed and for comments to be added by the organization.


Item Regulatory Reference Content AMO MPM Reference Comments
1 AWM 573.10 (1)(a) Table of Contents
  • Sections
  • Descriptions
  • Page numbers
2(a) AWM 573.10 (1)(b)(i) AMO name and identity
  • Legal
  • "Doing Business As" (D.B.A.)
2(b) AWM 573.10 (1)(b)(ii) AMO description
  • Corporate office location
  • Size
  • Number of employees
  • Facilities (general description)
2(c) AWM 573.10 (1)(b)(iii) Scope of work
  • Ratings (Aircraft, Engine, Structures, etc)
  • Scope (All non-specialized work, PT6 series, sheet metal structures, etc)
3 AWM 573.10 (1)(c) Compliance Statement (Manual certification)
  • Appropriate certification statement confirming that the MPM and any incorporated document identified therein reflect the AMO certificate holder's means of compliance with CAR573.10(1)
  • Signed by certificate holder
  • Provision for Transport Canada approval signature
4 AWM 573.10 (1)(d) Amendment distribution and control
  • Amendment procedures
  • Disturbution
  • Method to ensure that each copy of the MPM is amended within 30days of approval
5 AWM 573.10 (1)(e) List of Effective Pages
  • Identify each page of the MPM
  • Identify the amendment status of each page by date and/or revision number
6 AWM 573.10 (1)(f) Manual Distribution
  • Name or title of each person who holds a copy
  • Method of control (i.e. serial number)
7 AWM 573.10 (1)(g) Assignment of Responsibility
  • Name and title of person (i.e. Org chart)
  • Details of assigned functions
8 AWM 573.10 (1)(h) Maintenance standards
  • Details of any standards other than manufactures recommendations
9 AWM 573.10 (1)(i) Regulatory and Technical Information
  • List of regulatory and technical data available
  • Description of how the company ensures that appropriate information is available when and where needed
10 AWM 573.10 (1)(j) Technical records
  • Maintenance record keeping method
  • Recording of defects
11 AWM 573.10 (1)(k) and AWM 573.15 Maintenance and retention of technical records
  • Description of record keeping system
  • Types of records kept
  • Records must be retained for at lease 2 years
  • Security of electronic recording keeping system, if used
12 AWM 573.10 (1)(l) Maintenance process control
  • Description of task tracking to ensure that all work is completed before the maintenance release is signed
  • List of company forms, if used
13 AWM 573.10 (1)(m) Quality Assurance Program
  • Description of QA program· Internal and external audit frequency
  • Recording findings and corrective actions
  • Implementing corrective actions
  • Follow-up actions to ensure effective corrective action
  • Carry over results to the training program for employee update training
14 AWM 573.10 (1)(n) Parts and Materials
  • Receiving inspection
  • Storage of parts and materials
  • Documentation verification
  • Description of undocumented parts program, if applicable
15 AWM 573.10 (1)(o) Authorized signatures
  • List of authorized persons
  • Method of controlling signatures (ACA number, sample signatures, electronic signatures, etc)
  • List of personal authorizations (ratings, limitations, etc)
  • Authorization effectivity dates for each person
16 AWM 573.10 (1)(p) Non-destructive testing
  • NDT methods
  • Persons trained and authorized
  • Personal qualifications
17 AWM 573.10 (1)(q) Organization overview
  • Details of the scope of work listed on the AMO certificate
18 AWM 573.10 (1)(r) Aircraft Certification Authority and/or Shop Certification Authority (ACA/SCA)
  • Description of required training
  • Personal qualification assessment
19 AWM 573.10 (1)(s) Training and training records
  • Initial training
  • Update training
  • Additional training
  • Human factors training
  • Method of evaluating the training for each individual (written or oral examinations, practical tests, etc)
  • Training cycle
  • Record keeping for training
20 AWM 573.10 (1)(t) Personal records
  • What records are kept
  • Must be retained for two years
  • A copy must be given to each employee
21 AWM 573.10 (1)(u) Level of work
  • Breakdown of work done at each facility
  • Contractual arrangements for external facilities such as hangers, etc
  • Provisions for work carried out at locations where facilities are not available
22 AWM 573.10 (1)(v) Maintenance arrangements
  • Method of controlling work performed by sub-contractors
  • Supervision of work
  • Certification of work
  • QA procedures
23 AWM 573.10 (1)(w) Service difficulty reporting
  • Description of what is to be reported
  • Reporting method
  • Person responsible for reporting system
24 AWM 573.10 (1)(x) Calibration of tools and equipment
  • List of calibrated tools
  • Method of controlling calibration schedule