Aerodrome Safety Circular (ASC) No. 98-003A

ASC 98-003


Planning for Potential Disruption of Air Navigation Services at Airports


This circular is to caution certified airport operators regarding the potential impact on their ability to meet their obligations defined in the Airport Operations Manual in the event of a disruption of Air Navigation Services.


The Airport Operations Manual is a site specific document but in many cases, a disruption in Air Navigation Services has potential to impact on commitments in the Airside Services Plans. The most common references would be the mandatory plans for: emergency response measures; airport safety measures; movement area and access and control procedures; and apron management and apron safety plans.

Should there be a disruption in Air Navigation Services that impacts on an operator’s ability to meet its AOM commitment, compliance with the Canadian Aviation Regulations will require advance approval of a contingency plan by the Minister.


In the event of a disruption in an Air Navigation Service, certified aerodromes will be expected to comply with the regulatory requirements. For plans in Airport Operation Manuals affected by a withdrawal of Air Navigation service, airport operators should consult with on-site NAV CANADA officials and develop contingency plans for submission to and approval by the Minister.

For further information, please contact your regional manager of Aerodrome Safety.

Original signed by:
Harvey Layden (1998.08.31)
Director, Aerodrome Safety