Aerodrome Safety Circulars

Transport Canada issued Aerodrome Safety Circulars (ASCs) to help people working in the aviation industry comply with airport safety regulations, regulations for the storage of aviation fuels and similar rules. Aerodromes can be defined as areas used for the arrival, departure and maintenance of aircraft.

All documents issued after 01 Feb 2007 are now published as Advisory Circulars.

Document number
Issue date Subject
ASC 2006-028 2006-05-05 Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) safety information on rocket-deployed aircraft emergency parachute systems
ASC 2003-020-R1 2006-10-23 Aerodrome Certification based on “public interest” grounds
ASC 2005-027 2005-09-26 The validity of AK documents in the current context of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)
ASC 2005-026 2005-07-20 Publication of an aerodrome/airport Web site address in aeronautical information publications (AIP)
ASC 2005-025 2005-03-08 Restricted instrument procedure (RIP)
ASC 2004-023 2004-08-23 Pyrotechnic and Firearm Safety at Canadian Airports
ASC 2002-014 2002-03-26 Operation and Modification Options for Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) Units
ASC 2001-012 2001-10-02 Runway Incursion Initiatives
ASC 2001-006 2001-04-27 Sharing the Skies: An Aviation Industry Guide to the Management of Wildlife Hazards
ASC 2000-003 2000-09-15 Evaluation of the Efficacy of Various Deer Exclusion Devices and Deterrent Techniques for Use at Airports
ASC 98-004I 1998-11-19 Evaluation of the Efficacy of Products and Techniques for Airport Bird Control
ASC 98-003A 1998-08-31 Planning for Potential Disruption in Air Navigation Services at Airports
ASC 98-002I 1998-03-24 Bird/Wildlife Incident Reporting System
ASC 97-002I 1997-12-19 Bird Hazard Website and Toll Free Reporting Number
ASC 97-002A 1997-09-11 Aerodrome Incident Reporting System
ASC 97-001I 1997-11-07 Bird Feather Identification Process