Aerodrome Safety Circular (ASC) No. 2005-026

ASC 2005-026


Publication of an aerodrome/airport Web site address in aeronautical information publications (AIP).


To provide clarification for banning publication of an aerodrome/airport Web site address in AIPs.


Recently, an airport requested to have its Web site address published in AIPs.

In accordance with the Civil Air Navigation Services Commercialization Act (CANSCA), only NAV CANADA has the authority to provide aeronautical information services (AIS) in Canada. The provision of AIS is regulated under the Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) 803.01 and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 15.

Aerodrome authorities do not have this authority.

The publication of the operator's Web site address in the Canada Flight Supplement (CFS) could lead users to consider the aerodrome Web site as an approved source of supplemental aeronautical information. To prevent such a situation, aerodrome operators should only publish the contact information listed in the General Section of the CFS: name of the aerodrome operator, telephone number, aerodrome status, and if applicable, prior permission required (PPR), prior notice required (PNR) and landing fees. This type of information is authorized in the content of the AIP, as described under item 6 of AD 2.2 in ICAO Annex 15, Appendix 1.

An e-mail address can be considered acceptable since it provides a point of contact, just like a regular postal address, telephone or fax number.


This applies to all aerodromes.


This first case of publication of a Web site address in the CFS [under operator (OPR)] has raised safety concerns at Transport Canada.

Given the fact that NAV CANADA is the only one to provide aeronautical information, and the fact that aerodrome Web sites are not currently regulated, the Web site addresses will not be published in the CFS or any other AIP.

An e-mail address can be considered acceptable.

For additional information on this issue, please contact:

  1. The Transport Canada Aerodromes and Air Navigation Branch in Ottawa, Chief, Standards (613) 998-9855.
  2. The appropriate regional Transport Canada Aerodromes and Air Navigation office (refer to the list attached).

Aerodrome Safety Circulars are available electronically at:

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