Aerodrome Safety Functional Directive (ASD) No. 2001-005

ASD 2001-005


Administrative Limitation of Delegation of Authority


The purpose of this staff instruction is to provide guidance and procedures for the administrative limitation of an incumbent to exercise Ministerial Delegation of Authority (DoA) within the scope of the Regional Manager or inspector position.


The Ministerial Delegation of Authority Document authorizes persons employed in the positions set out in Schedules A to N of the document, to exercise certain powers, duties or functions, conferred on the Minister by the "Aeronautics Act", as set out in the Schedules. The Minister will, from time to time, revoke and replace the existing document when circumstances warrant.

The exercise of these powers, duties or functions is always subject to any conditions deemed necessary to ensure flight safety; and to any other limitations imposed by an inspector's superior officers, consistent with responsibilities, knowledge, training and experience.

The exercising of the powers, duties and functions arising from the delegation schedules directly affects Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) clients and client relations. In order to sustain a high standard of client service and meet regulatory requirements it is essential that the awarding of a Delegation of Authority be granted only to qualified, competent personnel with appropriate knowledge, training and experience. It follows, therefore that the methods used to assess knowledge, training and experience of candidate inspectors is of primary importance.


The review of TCCA's training policy, and the establishment of the "Functional Learning Committee" (FLC) subsequently identified the requirement for a Structured-On-Job-Training Program (SOJT) to supplement formal instruction and lectures. Central to the SOJT program for Aerodrome Safety inspectors is the inclusion of the DoA Schedule items associated with key tasks of the SOJT Master Task List (MTL).

The control and assignment of SOJT tasks to each "new hire" Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors (CASI) is recognized as residing with the applicable Regional Manager. An objective and measurable system therefore exists to use the knowledge, training and experience results of the SOJT system, to authorize specified scope of DoA tasks for each position at the inspector level. (Appendix 2).

The Regional Director Civil Aviation will determine and authorize the specific scope of DOA tasks related to the D3 Schedule for a Regional Manager Aerodrome Safety using the SOJT.

DoA tasks related to the D2 Schedule will be authorized and recorded for a Regional Manager by the Regional Director Civil Aviation (RDCA) based on personal assessment by the RDCA of the Regional Manager's competence to carry out the Delegations. (Appendix 1)

DoA tasks related to the D2 Schedule will be authorized and recorded for the Headquarters positions of Chief Aerodrome Standards and Chief Programs and National Audits by the Director Aerodrome Safety based on personal assessment by the Director of the chief's competence to carry out the Delegations. (Appendix 1)

Progressive Delegation

It is unlikely that a new hire Chief, Regional Manager nor CASI will be afforded the opportunity to exercise or accomplish all the tasks in the applicable DoA Schedule, during the initial training phase.

Therefore, the Director Aerodrome Safety, each Regional Director Civil Aviation or Regional Manager, as applicable, shall designate the tasks from the Schedule considered mandatory and achievable for each position.

The Director Aerodrome Safety, RDCAs or Regional Managers will issue Official Credentials to newly hired Chiefs, Regional Managers or CASI as soon as possible. Ministerial Delegation will be limited administratively until the incumbent has completed the assigned DoA SOJT tasks, and/or an assessment of acceptable competence has been made. As each DoA SOJT task and formal classroom training is completed and acceptable competence determined, the administrative limitation can be lifted, allowing for Delegation to be progressively increased. The accompanying Record and Certification Forms shall also be issued as appropriate, indicating the tasks for which the delegation is limited.

Continued competence in the application of the delegated authorities by Designated Chiefs, Regional Managers or inspectors is measured at the annual Personnel Appraisal Review. Persons requiring training to qualify for new positions or recurrent training in current delegated profiles may be assigned appropriate tasks through the SOJT Program or as established by the Director Aerodrome Safety or RDCA for D2 delegations, thus maintaining the integrity and credibility of ministerial delegations.

Managers are required to review the DoA document following each revocation and replacement, to ensure that any changes to the Schedules are incorporated in the DoA, as applicable.

Effective Date

This instruction comes into effect immediately.

Headquarters Contact

The responsible officer indicated below may be contacted for information regarding this functional directive.
Mr. R. Simard,
Acting Chief,
Programs and National Audits

Original signed by:
John Maxwell (2001.07.12)
Director, Aerodrome Safety