Maintenance and Manufacturing Staff Instructions (MSI) No. 64

Subject: Number: MSI 64
Minister's Delegate - Recreational Aviation (MD-RA) Procedural Guidelines for the Peer Review of Technical Inspection Documents and Forms Revision No: 0
  Number of Pages: 1
File No: AARP-5009-3-64 Issue Date: February 24, 2004

1. Purpose

1.1 The purpose of this instruction is to provide procedural guidelines with respect to the peer review of the technical inspection documents and forms to be performed following the issuance of a flight authority in respect of an amateur-built aircraft.

2. Background

2.1 Paragraph 16 of the amateur-built aircraft inspection program Delegate's Manual identifies a peer review requirement. Prior to the submission of every third package to the Minister, technical inspection documents and forms from a completed amateur-built project are to be reviewed by another MD-RA for the purpose of ongoing evaluation and continuing improvement. Although any delegate is authorized by means of the Minister's Delegation to perform this peer review it is recommended that the MD-RA issuing the flight authority, seek a delegate with experience in assessing complete amateur-built packages to undertake this task.

2.2 The MD-RA may request the assistance of the MD-RA Inspection Services for the purpose of facilitating the peer review.

2.3 It is important to remember that the responsibility to ensure satisfactory completion of the work remains with the MD-RA issuing the flight authority.

3. Effective date

3.1 This instruction comes into effect immediately.

4. HQ Contact

4.1 The responsible officer indicated below may be contacted for information regarding this MSI:

M. A. Simoneau
Aircraft Maintenance & Manufacturing
Phone: (613) 990-9490
Facsimile: (613) 952-3298

D.B. Sherritt
Maintenance and Manufacturing