Concurrent operations of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and other aircraft types in close proximity - Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) No. 2020-06


All operators (Including RPAS)

File Classification No.: Z 5000-35
RDIMS No.: 16511442
Document No.: CASA 2020-06
Issue No.: 01
Effective Date: 2020-05-11


This Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) is an urgent reminder to aircraft operators and Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) operators to ensure that interoperability aspects are adequately assessed and that risks have been mitigated prior to commencement of concurrent operations of RPAS and other aircraft types in close proximity.


On February 6th, 2020, in the vicinity of Smithers, BC, a mid-air collision occurred in Class G airspace between an RPAS and a helicopter, resulting in the destruction of the RPAS and substantial damage to the helicopter. No injuries were reported.

Recommended action:

Standard Operating Procedures should be developed to ensure safe operation when conducting coordinated, concurrent operations of RPAS and other aircraft types in close proximity.

Training programs should be developed or modified to provide sufficient instruction to pilots to ensure safe operation.

Communication standards should be established to ensure common understanding between RPAS pilots and pilots of other aircraft types.

Units of measure and position terminology should be common to RPAS and other aircraft types. Refer to TC AIM 1.4.

Deconfliction procedures should be established and pilots should be trained accordingly. This may be accomplished by conducting a thorough pre-flight briefing.

Contact office:

For more information contact a Transport Canada Centre; or, the RPAS Task Force, Ottawa, at 1-800-305-2059, or e-mail

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Felix Meunier

RPAS Task Force

The Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) is used to convey important safety information and contains recommended action items. The CASA strives to assist the aviation industry's efforts to provide a service with the highest possible degree of safety. The information contained herein is often critical and must be conveyed to the appropriate office in a timely manner. The CASA may be changed or amended should new information become available.