Oil system servicing - Civil Aviation Safety Alerts (CASA) No. 2016-13


Owners, operators and maintainers of Pratt & Whitney PW545A, PW545B AND PW545C engines.

Issuing Office: Civil Aviation Safety Alert
File Classification No. : Z 5000-35
RDIMS No. : 12024762
Document No. : CASA 2016-13
Issue No. : 01
Effective Date: 2016-12-09


The purpose of this Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) is to raise awareness of oil servicing issues leading to alert warnings and/or in flight shutdowns on PW545 series engines. Additional information on this issue can be found in the Pratt & Whitney service information letter (SIL) PW500-065.


Pratt & Whitney has recently investigated reports of in flight shutdowns and flight deck alert warnings. These were found to be a result of low oil levels due to under-servicing.

Improperly serviced oil systems can cause several problems. Under-servicing can cause pressure fluctuations, low oil pressure and severe engine damage, whereas over-servicing can cause oil venting, air-oil separator function issues and carbon seal distress leading to loss of oil/pressure.

Owners, operators and maintainers are reminded that following the manufacturer’s recommendations is the best way to avoid costly repairs and potentially dangerous situations.

Recommended Action:

Transport Canada recommends that owners, operators and maintainers of PW545 series engines familiarize themselves with Pratt & Whitney SIL PW500-065.

Contact Office:

For more information concerning this issue, contact a Transport Canada Centre; or Dean Ciaschini, Continuing Airworthiness in Ottawa, by telephone at 888-663-3639, by fax at 613-996-9178 or by e-mail at CAWWEBFeedback@tc.gc.ca.

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Rémy Knoerr

Continuing Airworthiness

The Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) is used to convey important safety information and contains recommended action items. The CASA strives to assist the aviation industry's efforts to provide a service with the highest possible degree of safety. The information contained herein is often critical and must be conveyed to the appropriate office in a timely manner. The CASA may be changed or amended should new information become available.



Oil System Servicing
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