PW500 series engines operated infrequently and use of 3rd generation oil - Civil Aviation Safety Alerts (CASA) No. 2015-03


Owners, operators and maintainers of Pratt & Whitney PW500 series engines

Issuing Office: National Aircraft Certification
Document No. : CASA 2015-03
File Classification No. : Z 5000-35
Issue No. : 01
RDIMS No. : 10081547
Effective Date: 2015-06-23


The purpose of this Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) is to alert operators of the possibility of engine oil loss and eventual shutdown due to the use of 3rd generation oil and infrequent operation.


Engine shutdown events due to oil loss have occurred recently. The reason for the oil loss was seal deterioration caused by 3rd generation oil combined with infrequent operation (as described in the appropriate engine manual). Ground runs may not allow for sufficient time and operating temperature to detect the leak. It is possible that enough oil could be lost during a subsequent flight that an engine shutdown may occur. It is also possible that a dual engine shut down could result as this is a common mode failure.  Pratt & Whitney Canada has issued Service Information Letter PW500-045R1 that addresses this issue and have removed 3rd generation oils from the list of approved lubricants in the PW500 engine maintenance manuals.

Recommended action:

Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) recommends that operators be familiar with Service Information Letter PW500‑045R1 (or subsequent revisions) and consult the latest amendment of the appropriate maintenance manual for the list of approved products. TCCA would also like to remind operators that they are required to operate in accordance with the latest operating instructions from the manufacturer.

Defects, malfunctions and failures occurring on aeronautical products are to be reported to Transport Canada, Continuing Airworthiness in accordance with CAR 521 mandatory Service Difficulty Reporting requirements.

Contact office:

For more information concerning this issue, contact a Transport Canada Centre; or contact Dean Ciaschini, Continuing Airworthiness in Ottawa, by telephone at 613-952-4357, by fax at 613-996-9178 or by e-mail at


Rémy Knoerr
Chief, Continuing Airworthiness

The Transport Canada Civil Aviation Safety Alert (CASA) is used to convey important safety information and contains recommended action items. The CASA strives to assist the aviation industry's efforts to provide a service with the highest possible degree of safety. The information contained herein is often critical and must be conveyed to the appropriate office in a timely manner. The CASA may be changed or amended should new information become available.