Pursuant to subsection 5.9(2) of the Aeronautics Act, and after having determined that the exemption is in the public interest and is not likely to adversely affect aviation safety, I hereby exempt persons conducting fly-ins at which no competitive and no aerobatic activities take place from the requirements of section 603.01 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs), subject to the conditions set out below.

Section 603.01 stipulates that "No person shall conduct a special aviation event unless the person complies with the provisions of a special flight operations certificate - special aviation event issued by the Minister pursuant to Section 603.02"


CAR 101.01

"special aviation event" - means an air show, a low level air race, an aerobatic competition, a fly-in or a balloon festival. (manifestation aéronautique spéciale)


"fly-in" - means a prearranged meeting of a number of aircraft at a specified aerodrome which will take place before an invited assembly of persons and at which no:

  1. Competitive flying; and
  2. Aerial demonstration

will take place. (rassemblement d’aéronefs)

"invited assembly of persons" - means, pursuant to section 101.01 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations, any number of persons who have been invited, by any means, to attend a special aviation event. The term excludes competition judges, the holder of a special flight operations certificate, members of a certificate holder's staff and members of a participant's support team. (rassemblement de personnes invitées)


This exemption relieves persons conducting non-aerobatic and non-competitive "fly-in" activities to do so without applying for a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) as required by section 603.01 of the CARs. In particular, this exemption permits the conduct of non-competitive activities such as "poker derbies" and "breakfast fly-ins, provided no aerial demonstrations takes place, whether invited guests are present or not.


This exemption applies to persons conducting fly-ins at which no competitive and no aerial demonstration activities take place in accordance with Standard 623.

For greater certainties, this exemption does not apply to "fly-ins" where any of the following activities will occur:

  1. Aerobatics;
  2. Competitions;
  3. High speed low level passes;
  4. Non-standard circuit procedures;
  5. Spot landings;
  6. Flour bombing; or
  7. Aerial demonstrations


  1. No person participating in a "fly-in" activity shall engage in competitive and aerobatic activities whether invited guests are present or not.
  2. Any person operating under this exemption shall comply with all the requirements of the Canadian Aviation Regulations not specifically exempted in this legal instrument.


This exemption is in effect until the earliest of the following:

  1. December 31, 2017 at 23:59 (EST);
  2. the date on which any one of the conditions set out in this exemption is breached;
  3. the date on which this exemption is cancelled in writing by the Minister, where she is of the opinion that the exemption is no longer in the public interest, or that it is likely to adversely affect aviation safety.

Dated at Ottawa, Ontario, Canada this 31st day of October, 2014, on behalf of the Minister of Transport.

“Original signed by”

Martin J. Eley
Director General
Civil Aviation

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