Export a Canadian-registered aircraft

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To export a Canadian-registered aircraft, you need to de-register it in Canada first. You may also need to apply for an export airworthiness certificate.

What you need to do

Before Transport Canada can de-register your aircraft, you must:

  • remove the Canadian nationality and registration marks from your aircraft
  • remove the aircraft mark plate, if applicable
  • remove the aircraft mode “S” transponder address code, if applicable
  • apply for an export airworthiness certificate, if required*

*If the person or company buying your aircraft requests an export airworthiness certificate to meet the requirements of their foreign civil aviation authority, contact your closest Civil Aviation regional office for help.

There is a fee for this certificate:

  • for transport category airplanes and rotocraft
  • for:
    • very light airplanes
    • airships
    • airplanes and rotocraft other than transport category airplanes and rotocraft
  • for gliders, powered gliders and manned free balloons

How to send a request to de-register your aircraft

Mail your request in writing to your most convenient Civil Aviation regional office, with documents attached. There is no fee to de-register.

Your request must include:

  • the document that transfers ownership to a foreign owner (for example, a bill of sale)
  • the last Canadian certificate of registration
  • a written request stating:
    • which foreign civil aviation authority we should advise when your aircraft is removed from the register (usually the buyer’s country)
    • that you’ve removed the Canadian nationality and registration marks
    • that you’ve removed the mode "S" transponder address code

After you send the request

You won’t receive a document from us. Instead we only notify the civil aviation authority of the country to which the aircraft is being exported, letting them know it has been de-registered in Canada.