Voluntary slowdown in Cabot Strait

Slow down in the Cabot Strait

Help protect North Atlantic right whales by slowing down when transiting the Cabot Strait

The Government of Canada is committed to the protection of the North Atlantic right whale—an iconic endangered species with approximately 336 remaining in the world. As they migrate in and out of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, vessel traffic management measures are in place to help reduce their interactions with vessels.

In addition to mandatory vessel traffic management measures, Transport Canada has implemented a voluntary slowdown in the Cabot Strait during these periods:

  • Spring:

    April 20 to June 28, 2022

  • Fall:

    September 28 to November 15, 2022


During these dates:

  • Vessels more than 13 metres in length are asked to voluntarily reduce their speed and not exceed 10 knots over the ground while navigating through the Cabot Strait.
  • Other vessels are also encouraged to reduce their speed to help protect the North Atlantic right whales from collisions with vessels.

The Cabot Strait trial voluntary slowdown zone is shown in grey in the map below.


Learn more about Transport Canada’s other vessel traffic management measures to protect North Atlantic right whales

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