Appendix C - Commonly Used Archaic Legal Terms

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2019-1

Archaic/Technical Language Common Language
Adduce Give, present, submit as proof
Aggregate Total
Adequate amount Enough
Allocate Give, divide
As the result of From
As the court seems fit As the court considers appropriate
Attains Reaches, becomes
Attempt Try
By means of By
By reason of Because of
Cease Stop
Commence Begin
Conduct money Attendance money
Deems Thinks, believes, considers
Desires Wishes
Duly Notify Notify
Endeavour Try
Ensure Make sure
Enter into an agreement Agree, contract
Expend Spend, use
Expiration End
For the purpose of To, for
For the reason that Because
Furnish Give, provide, tell
Has power to May
In accordance with Under
In lieu of In place of, instead
In order to To
In pursuance thereof Under it
In respect of For, about, concerning
In his stead For him (or her), in his (or her) place
Indicate Show, tell
Is able to Can
Is binding upon Binds
Lessee Tenant
Lessor Landlord
Like (adj.) Similar, same
Make provision for Provide for
Manner Way
Monies, moneys Money
Mutually agree Agree
Necessitate Require
Next Following
Notwithstanding Despite (or "although" if appropriate)
Obtain Get
Over and above In addition to
Permit Allow
Preceding Last
Prior to Before
Provisions of this Act This Act
Pursuant to Under, Under the authority of
Render Make, give
Respecting About, relating to
Retain Keep
Set forth Set out, listed, given
Situate within Located in
Specified Named
Submit Send, give
Sufficient Enough
Terminate End, finish
Transmit Send
Under the provisions of Under
Upon On
Whatever Any
Whenever When, where
With respect to About, regarding
Within the meaning of Under
Without the Province Outside the Province