Part V - Standard 571 Appendix L - Major Repair or Major Modification Report

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) 2019-1

Content last revised: 2002/09/01

(amended 2002/09/01; previous version)

(refer to section 571.12 of this standard)

1. This appendix provides information related to the use of a Major Repair or Major Modification Report, for reporting a major repair or a major modification to aircraft.

2. Section 571.12 of the CARs requires that when an aircraft has undergone a major repair or major modification, the actions shall be reported to the Minister. Routine changes of landing gear configuration, or role equipment are exempt from the reporting requirement.

3. A copy of the report must be completed and, except as provided in section 6 below, sent to the Transport Canada Centre assigned to the geographical area in which the owner of the aircraft resides or manages his business within 30 days after the aircraft is returned to service.

4. All entries must be typewritten or clearly printed in block letters in permanent ink.

5. Transport Canada does not publish a Major Repair or Major Modification Report form. The report may be reproduced by the user as a printed form or in computer generated format. User produced forms must comply with the format provided herein, including block numbers and must have the blocks located as per the layout provided. The size of the blocks may be varied to suit individual applications, but not to the extent that would make the report unrecognizable.

6. In the case of an air operator, an alternate reporting system described in a Maintenance Control Manual approved pursuant to Subpart 706 of the CARs satisfies the procedures set out in section 571.12 of this standard. 

Completion of the Report by the Originator

Except as otherwise stated in these instructions, there must be an entry in each block.

Refer to the attached sample of a Major Repair or Major Modification Report.

Block 1 Aircraft

Enter the "Make", "Model" and "Serial Number" as found on the manufacturer's identification plate.

Block 2 Owner

Enter the aircraft owner's complete name and address as shown on the certificate of registration for the aircraft. The "Nationality and Registration Mark" must be the same as shown on the aircraft certificate of registration or affixed to the aircraft.

Block 3 Type of work

Enter a check mark (

) in the appropriate box to indicate whether the aircraft was repaired or modified.

Block 4 Person / Organization who accomplished the repair or modification

Enter the name and permanent address of the person or organization who accomplished the repair or modification.

Information Note:

The maintenance release is completed in the applicable aircraft technical records, together with the complete details of the repairs or modifications performed.

Block 5 Description of work accomplished

This block must contain a clear, concise, and legible statement describing the work. It is important that locations of repairs or modifications, relative to the aircraft be included in the description. Work resulting in acoustical changes must be emphasized. If necessary, complete the description of the work accomplished on the reverse side of the report or attach additional sheets to it. In the latter case, indicate in block 5 that additional sheets are attached, inscribe on each sheet the aircraft registration marks and the date the work was completed.