Standard 625 Appendix E: Maintenance Instruction Development Processes - Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

Content last revised: 2007/12/30
(amended 2007/12/30)

Information notes:
(amended 1998/09/01)

  • (i) The existing Airworthiness Manual Advisory AMA 571.101/1 - Reliability Monitoring Programs, is still in effect.
  • (ii) For information regarding the type certificate holder’s scheduled maintenance instruction development processes including the Maintenance Review Board (MRB) process, the Maintenance Type Board (MTB) process and the development of Manufacturer Recommendations (MR) please refer to Transport Canada Publication TP 13850 titled Maintenance Instruction Development Processes. This publication provides policy on an acceptable means to implement the scheduled maintenance instruction development process including the procedural guidelines, the acceptable analytical logic that is utilized during the initial developmental process and criteria for the continuing analysis and age exploration of the aircraft fleet.
    (amended 2007/12/30)