Minister-led Roundtable: Green Transportation - List of Participants


June 21, 2016, 3:00PM to 5:00PM | Montreal, QC

List of Participants

  1. Sophie Brochu, President and CEO, Gaz Metro
  2. Cristina Falcone, Vice President, Public Affairs, UPS Canada
  3. Josipa Petrunic, Executive Director and CEO, Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium
  4. Luc Jobin, Executive Vice President and CFO, CN
  5. Steve McCauley, Acting CEO, Pollution Probe
  6. Don Ehrenholz, Vice President, Engineering and Environment, Vancouver International Airport
  7. Chantal Guimont, President and CEO, Electric Mobility Canada
  8. Colin Ryan, CEO, Effenco
  9. Donald Smith, Scientific Director and CEO, BioFuelNet Canada
  10. Jai Alimchandani, Deputy Director, Regulatory Affairs, Maersk Maritime Technology
  11. Jean Andrey, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Environment, University of Waterloo
  12. Thorsten Wesse, CEO and Chief Technology Officer, Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation
  13. Blake Smith, Director of Sustainability, Environment, and Safety Engineering, Ford Motor Company of Canada
  14. Clare Demerse, Senior Policy Advisor, Clean Energy Canada
  15. David Bradley, President and CEO, Canadian Trucking Alliance