Responses to Transportation Safety Board Recommendations


The Transportation Safety Board of Canada ( TSB ) is an independent body whose mandate is to advance safety in marine, pipeline, rail and aviation modes of transportation. TSB fulfills its mandate by :

  • conducting independent investigations including, when necessary, public inquiries into selected transportation occurrences in order to make findings as to their causes and contributing factors;
  • identifying safety deficiencies as evidenced by transportation occurrences;
  • making recommendations designed to eliminate or reduce safety deficiencies; and
  • reporting publicly on its investigations and on the findings in relation thereto.

The TSB reports to Parliament through the President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada.

TSB Recommendations

TSB recommendations are submitted to the Minister of Transport Canada, who then reviews and develops a formal response to the recommendations as they pertain to Transport Canada's responsibilities. To view recommendations, please click on the appropriate links on the left hand side of this page.

Portions of the actual TSB reports are included as contextual information. The complete TSB reports are accessible through this site via a link to the TSB website. To access the TSB Recommendations simply choose a mode in the left menu and, in the new window that opens, choose for which year you wish to consult the available recommendation.

As required by TSB legislation, the Minister of Transport must respond to TSB recommendations within 90 days. Each mode is responsible for responding directly the TSB .

Contacts for TSB information