Transport Canada adopts new technologies to better serve Canadians

From: Transport Canada


Alessandro Repetto, an Ambassador for the Transport Canada Change Ambassador Network project.

Transport Canada is moving into the digital age in order to save time, money and deliver more efficient services for Canadians. This shift is part of Transport Canada's transformation agenda, a plan to modernize and continuously adapt the way we deliver our programs and services to better serve Canadians and ensure we remain a world-class regulator.

The modernization initiatives that Transport Canada is undertaking will help us better respond to the rapidly evolving demands of the transportation sector, allow for more innovation in our day-to-day work and ensure that our workforce has the tools needed to adapt to and succeed in today's environment.

One of the ways that Transport Canada is adapting to these demands is by embracing new technology through our ambassadors in the Transport Canada Change Ambassador Network. These ambassadors are Transport Canada inspectors across all of the modes (Marine, Civil Aviation, and Surface) whose role is to test out tablet devices using myTC Oversight (TC’s new mobile platform) to carry out their work in the field. This role includes guiding their colleagues in the use of the platform, answering questions on the use of the tablet and its applications, as well as providing feedback to Transport Canada's myTC Oversight team.

Alessandro Repetto is an ambassador in Transport Canada's Ontario Region Marine Safety and Security branch. He is a Senior Marine Safety Inspector and his role is to carry out statutory inspections on Canadian ships and small crafts as well as cargo inspections on foreign vessels. As an examiner of seafarers, he also administers exams for individuals seeking marine professional certification and issues their certificates of competency.

"The main differences between the new tablets and our old laptops is the portability, the connectivity, and the touch-screen feature," Mr. Repetto explains. "All the activities I carry out involve a substantial amount of preparation and reporting, which has been simplified by adopting new technology and processes."

"Thanks to the tablet's portability, I always have access, even when offline, to a database containing all the acts and regulations I need for my work, which I can show and explain to clients. The device reduces the time I need to complete an inspection and ensures that I do not overlook any items."

Adopting tablet technology has helped Transport Canada inspectors across all modes work more efficiently, providing faster service to Canadians. All of this is part of Transport Canada's effort to save time, money and deliver better services to Canadians in order to create a safe, secure and efficient transportation system.

"Being an ambassador has provided me with a sense of accomplishment in my contribution to make Transport Canada more efficient in carrying out its mandate," said Mr. Repetto.