Marine 101: How is the Oceans Protection Plan improving marine safety?


Marine safety matters to Canadians, especially in coastal communities, which can be busy, active places.

At the Government of Canada, we often get questions about how we keep marine environments safe.

Questions like… "How is the Oceans Protection Plan improving marine safety?"

At 1.5 billion dollars, the Oceans Protection Plan is the biggest investment we've ever made to protect our coasts and waterways.

It includes more than fifty measures to make our waters safer — many of which have already been implemented today.

To prevent and respond quickly to marine incidents, we're modernizing and expanding the Coast Guard's emergency response capacity.

This includes acquiring new equipment, and creating 24-7 emergency response.

It also means boosting emergency towing so we can help ships in distress no matter their size, location or cargo.

We're expanding radar coverage in busy areas to improve navigation, and better prevent accidents and spills.

We're also adding seven new search and rescue stations to bolster our response to marine incidents near coastal communities.

We are working with Indigenous communities and providing advanced and specialized training so they can better protect their communities and local waters.

And finally, we're modernizing laws and regulations providing unlimited compensation quickly to communities who need it to support cleanup efforts.

With the Oceans Protection Plan, we're ensuring Canada's coasts and waterways are protected for generations to come.

We want to hear from all Canadians about how we can better protect our coasts.

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