Minister Alghabra clears Santa for take-off in Canadian airspace


[Prime Minister Trudeau is walking in an alley, anxiously looking at his watch. He pauses and grabs his phone, then waits for the person to answer the call.]

Prime Minister Trudeau: “Omar. [dramatic pause] It’s time.”

[Minister Alghabra is on the phone in the underground garage. He hangs up, anxiously waiting for something to happen. He nervously looks at his watch.]

[A mysterious black car stops in front of Minister Alghabra, and he gets into the back seat. The driver pushes a briefcase toward the Minister.]

[The car exits, leaving Minister Alghabra behind, holding the briefcase.]

*Music starts*

[Minister Alghabra urgently walks through corridors.]

[Minister Alghabra enters a storage room with a table. There’s a computer with a countdown timer on its screen, locked behind a cage. He puts the briefcase on the table and opens it. Inside there are two Christmas ball ornaments, one red, one blue. Under each, there is a note that specifies what they are. Red: Accept Mission. Blue: Deny Mission.]

[Minister Alghabra takes out the red Christmas ball ornament, breaks it with a hammer, and finds a key and a piece of paper with a numerical code hidden inside the broken ornament.]

[He unlocks the cage with the key and sits at the computer. He holds up the paper with the numerical code ‘4646’ and uses that code to unlock the computer. When the countdown reaches midnight, he clicks on the “Launch Mission” button.]

[The camera slowly moves backwards from a Christmas tree, and the lights on the tree start flickering. The camera keeps moving backward and reveals Santa, who stands up and exits the room.]

Minister Alghabra: “Santa is cleared for travel in Canadian airspace. He’s coming! Merry Christmas. Happy holidays and stay safe.”