Minister Garneau clears Santa Claus to take off


'Twas a strange kind of Christmas, when all through the house;
Not a creature could visit, not even a mouse.
The virus had kept us all snug in our homes;
We can’t be together, but we’re not alone!

Thanks to our tablets, computers, and phones;
We can catch up with Grandma and Great-Auntie Joan.
We can fill up on cookies and Grandpa’s bad jokes;
While naming the reindeer and sharing our hopes;
For a Christmas that’s peaceful and happy and bright;
And fills us with warmth on a long winter’s night.

Though some things are different, some things have not changed;
It’s just that right now, we must keep a safe range;
From those whom we care for and want to stay well;
It won’t be forever – it’s just for a spell.
And it doesn’t stop Santa from flying his sleigh;
It doesn’t stop Rudolph, nor stop Christmas Day.

The elves are all healthy, their temperature’s clear;
They’ve been loading the sleigh and attaching reindeer.
Santa’s taken the test and his lungs are all clear;
‘Cause he’s taken precautions with COVID all year.
With COVID Alert App installed on his phone;
And his mask and his gloves on, he can safely leave home.

Transport Canada’s staff have cleared Santa’s sleigh;
And Rudolph’s red nose, which guides Santa’s way;
They’ve made sure his licence to fly’s up to date;
The presents are ready, there’s no need to wait!

Things will get better, if we all play it smart;
Wear a mask, wash our hands, keep two metres apart.
Let’s stay safe at home, to help stop the spread;
Tell Grandma and Grandpa, we’ll meet online instead!

Santa’s ready for takeoff, he’s been cleared for flight!
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”