Port of Victoria Traffic Scheme


The Public Port of Victoria is Canada’s only certified water airport.

It’s also one of the world’s busiest water airports.

That makes it important to follow the harbour’s safety rules.

First, follow the speed limits. That’s seven knots in the Outer Harbour and five knots anywhere inside of Shoal Point.

Second, keep away from the seaplane runways in the Middle and Outer Harbours. White strobe lights indicate when a seaplane is about to take off or land.

Third, use the correct lane to transit the Outer and Middle Harbours.

Powered vessels under 20 metres or 65 feet long use the inbound and outbound lanes marked by yellow buoys.

Larger powered vessels use the seaplane take-off and landing areas or the inbound traffic lane.

Non power-driven vessels can use the inbound and outbound boat lanes as well as the area on the north shore of the Middle Harbour, north of the five white buoys.

Power-driven vessels aren’t allowed in this area.

When the strobe lights are off, vessels can cross between Songhees and Laurel Point Narrows, and between Shoal Point and Berens Island.

Follow the rules and you’ll travel safely!