Containers for explosives (Class 1)

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Information on CGSB-43.151 (the standard on “Packaging, handling, offering for transport and transport of Explosives (Class 1)”).

FAQ on containers for explosives (Class 1)

The FAQ on Containers for Explosives (Class 1) includes information on the selection and use of dangerous goods containers for Explosives (Class 1) including competent authority approvals.

Applications for competent authority approvals

Applications for approval must be submitted to

The following information is required to complete the application:

  • if the applicant is an individual, the name of the individual
  • if the applicant is a company or an association, the name of the company or association and each association member, as the names appear in letters patent, articles of incorporation or any other document that shows the legal identity of the company or the association and each association member
  • the address of the place of business of the applicant
  • the telephone number, including the area code, and, if applicable, the electronic mailing address and the facsimile number of the applicant
  • if a person submits an application on behalf of a company or an association, the person's name and position and the telephone number, including the area code, and address of the person's place of business;
  • the Notice of Authorization issued by the Explosives Regulatory Division (ERD) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
  • the classification of the dangerous goods and, if the dangerous goods are in a solution or mixture, the composition and percentage (specified by volume, mass or net explosives quantity) of each chemical;
  • the method of packaging the dangerous goods, including a description of the means of containment and the quantity of dangerous goods in each means of containment
  • whether the approval is requested for transport by road vehicle, railway vehicle, aircraft or ship;
  • drawings, plans, calculations, procedures, test results and any other information necessary to support the proposal
  • the length of time or the schedule of activities for which the competent authority approval is requested
  • the name, position and business telephone number, including the area code, of the person who can be contacted regarding the application for a competent authority approval and who is authorized by the applicant to speak on the applicant's behalf

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