First Meeting of the Emergency Response Task Force

Record of Decision

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Item # Decisions / Action Items OPI
1. Opening Remarks and Introduction of the Chair, Vice-Chair and ER Task Force Secretariat Executive Director

Nicole Girard, TDG Acting Director General introduced the ER Task Force initiative.

She also introduced Chris Powers, ER Task Force Chair, Louis Laferrière, ER Task Force Vice-Chair and Mylaine Desrosiers ER Task Force Secretariat Executive Director.
Nicole Girard, TDG Acting Director General
2. Introduction of the Secretariat Team
Roles and responsibilities
Administrative issues
Emergency procedures, amenities
Introduction of the RMS

The Chair and the Executive Director introduced the ER Task Force Secretariat (the Secretariat) team members who will be supporting the Task Force with its mandate.

The TC Remedial Measures Specialists and Advisors who will support the Task Force with technical expertise were also introduced.

Chris Powers, Chair, ER Task Force, Mylaine Desrosiers, ER Task Force Secretariat Executive Director
4. Approval of the Agenda The agenda is approved. All
5. Review of ER Task Force Terms of Reference (TORs) and confirmation of ER Task Force membership

The ER Task Force Terms of Reference (ToR) were reviewed with the Power Point presentation as follows
Members expressed their wish to share the ToR and work plan with their organization prior to making comments or suggestions.

Action items:

  • (1) Secretariat to provide revised ToR to members.
  • (2) Members are to provide comments or suggestions regarding the ToR or work plan to the Secretariat by July 25th, 2014.
  • (3) The Secretariat will collate comments and revise the ToR accordingly. A summary of comments/concerns raised will be provided in a consultation record. The revised ToR will be submitted for approval by members at the next meeting in August 2014.
6. Development of an ER Task Force work plan

The ER Task Force is a technical expert forum. Members were chosen based on their ability to contribute highly specialized knowledge on the core issue – flammable liquids by rail. However, any observer is welcome to request member status. Recommendations will be based on a consensus approach (same process as GPAC). Recommendations will be presented to the Director General (DG), Transportation of Dangerous Goods along with any dissent.

TC to identified tasks and challenges and is looking to members to assist in clarifying/streamlining those identified and is also open to considering others.

To allow the Task Force to start making recommendations for TC to action as soon as possible as one goes along, the Chair suggested that the work be broken down into categories, divided into manageable tasks, prioritized (short term straight forward tasks first) and tackled by working groups.


Quarterly reports for 2014/2015– October 31, January 31, March 31. Final report- June 30 2015 The DG will receive the reports and will be conveying to the Assistant Deputy Minister and the Minister.

Action item:

Identify work priorities and clarify which tasks will require working groups, determine task level of priority, identify working group members/structure/process.

7. Round table - Questions and Answers (Participants’ concerns, questions or suggestions have been included in the following consultation record which will be updated on a regular basis:

Action items:

  • (1) The Renewable Fuels Association (U.S.) will share documentation and website address with the members. The association is willing to revise some of its documentation to include Canadian specific content. They also provide training and also offered to share best practice experiences. The Justice Institute of British Columbia and LPG Emergency Response Corporation also provide resources and training.
  • (2) Le Ministère de la sécurité publique du Québec étudie la possibilité de fournir au secrétariat la liste des municipalités traversées par une voie ferrée.
  • (3) Secretariat to post the joint Canada/US paper on crude oil to the website.
  • (4) Secretariat to provide members with the ER Task Force website address.


Ministère de la sécurité publique du Québec


8. Next Steps Members can expect to continue receiving email information. However, meeting calendar, decision record and other important Task Force information will be posted on the website.

Action items:

  • (1) Task Force members are invited to provide comments on TOR and work plan to the secretariat by July 25th, 2014.
  • (2) The secretariat will provide the proposed ToR and work plan no later than 10 days in advance of the August 2014 meeting for final approval during the meeting.
9. Next Meeting

Dates proposed for future meetings:

August 14 or 15, 2014
September 4, 2014
October 2, 2014
Week of November 17, 2014

Agenda items proposed for August 2014 meeting:

  • (1) Review/approve revised ToRs;
  • (2) Confirm revised membership;
  • (3) Discuss work plan priorities and establish working group structure/work plan/members;
  • (4) Video and presentation: Lac Mégantic-from emergency response to the investigation.
  • (5) Presentation by CANUTEC and visit to the Centre.

Action item:

  • (1) Task Force members are invited to propose agenda items or presentation no later than 12 days in advance of a meeting.

Please note: Members are to submit any item/presentation documents to the secretariat at least 2 to 3 days in advance of the meeting date for distribution to all participants. Please indicate permission to post on the website.