Safety awareness kit for the general public

Each year, more and more dangerous goods are moved across Canada by road, rail, water and air. These shipments range from industrial chemicals to manufactured goods and, while indispensable to our modern way of life, they can pose a threat to public safety if not handled safely.

Transport Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Directorate is the focal point for Canada’s national program to promote public safety during the transportation of dangerous goods.

In order to promote public safety, the TDG Directorate has enhanced its Safety Awareness Program and is reaching out to targeted audiences such as First Responders, communities/municipalities and the general public. The Safety Awareness Program attends various conferences either as presenters or as exhibitors in order to provide guidance material on the TDG program.

Since the general public is entitled to be aware of the safety and mitigation measures Transport Canada has put in place to ensure public safety, we have prepared kits, containing safety awareness material developed by the TDG Directorate that could be of help. In this kit, you will find handouts and safety advisories that could be important to the general public. We have included a link to the TDG Newsletter, which provides valuable information on dangerous goods.

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This safety awareness kit includes:

Guides and advisories


TDG Newsletter

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