TDG Inspectors' Manual

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Organization
  3. Legislative Framework for the TDG Program
  4. Inspection Planning And Inspection Types
  5. Enforcement Tools
  6. Knowing the Difference Between an Inspection and Investigation
  7. Inspection Procedures
  8. Investigations
  9. Prosecution Guidelines
  10. Assessment of Emergency Response Assistance Plans (ERAP)
  11. Ticketing
  12. Accident Attendance
  13. Occupational Safety & Health
  14. Sampling of Dangerous Goods
  15. Field Verification of MOC Facilities
  16. Quality Assurance Review
  17. Training Policy
  18. Security
  19. Inspector Credentials Policy, Procedure Protocol
  20. Case Studies
  21. Forms
  22. Procedure for request of a Legal Opinion
  23. Procedure for request of a Regulatory Clarification or Interpretation
  24. Policy on TDG Public Inquiries Received by the IEPA Division at HQ
  25. Amendments to the TDG Inspectors’ Manual