Engineering Inspections

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[video description: Low-angle shot of a freight train zooming past the camera from right to left. Mountains are seen in the background.]

[text: “Engineering inspections”]

Narrator: More than 43,000 kilometers of track. 23,000 federally regulated grade crossings.

[video: A map of Canada. Starting from Winnipeg in the centre, a series of pink lines (representing Canada’s railway system) spread out across the country, all the way to Victoria in the west, Halifax in the east, and Hay River and Churchill in the North. ]

[video: The animated map recedes into the frame and we see it situated on a real-world computer monitor. It then fades away, replaced by the true image being displayed on the monitor: a slightly different map of Canada’s rail system, including its links into the United States.]

Narrator: That’s a lot of ground to cover. But with cooperation between industry and government we’re able to keep Canada’s railway system as safe and efficient as possible.

[video: Aerial shot of a freight train rounding a bend beside a river in a heavily forested area.]

[video: A rail yard. On the left side of the screen, a train loaded with shipping containers travels away from the camera and toward the horizon. On the right, a similarly loaded train comes toward the camera.]

Narrator: While railway companies are ultimately responsible for safety…

[video: Aerial shot of a freight train barrelling down the tracks, a large river to its right and dense trees to its left. The camera swoops in past the front of the locomotive and continues to the train’s right as it passes by.]

[video: A pair of train tracks in a wooded area. The right track is empty; the left has several yellow construction vehicles idle along its length.]

[video: Extreme bird’s-eye perspective of a large rail yard beside a river. There are dozens of tracks and several idle trains. A bridge spans the river in the background.]

Narrator: …Transport Canada has the authority to severely penalize faulty companies…

[video: A freight train travels alongside a river. The Calgary skyline is seen in the background.]

[video: A freight train zooms closely past the camera left to right, the camera panning as the train passes to keep the locomotive in frame. There are mountains in the background.]

[video: A yellow construction vehicle, on the tracks, lifts a wooden railroad tie, moving it toward a platform directly in front of it that holds a pile of many other wooden ties.]

[video: A freight train pulls into a rail yard, coming directly toward the camera.]

Narrator: …with our inspectors playing a key oversight role in enforcing Government of Canada’s safety regulations.

[video: A Transport Canada inspector walks along some railroad tracks with a CN railway employee. Both are wearing safety vests and hardhats.]

[video: The inspector and railway employee are kneeling, using a measuring tape to check the width of the tracks.]

Narrator: We have inspectors specialized in the engineering aspects of railway operations.

[video: Medium shot of the inspector and railway employee standing in front of flashing rail-crossing lights, gesturing toward something off screen to the right.]

[video: The inspector walks away from a small rail bridge and toward a white road–rail pickup truck parked beside the tracks. The truck is labelled with the Government of Canada logo on its door.]

[video: Wide shot of the inspector and railway employee standing in front of flashing rail-crossing lights, gesturing toward something off screen to the right.]

Narrator: That means looking at things like signals, bridges and tracks, crossings and natural hazards.

[video: The inspector sits in the driver’s seat of the road–rail pickup truck, typing on a laptop.]

[video: The white road–rail pickup truck drives along the tracks, passing by the camera from left to right.]

Narrator: It’s all part of making sure railway companies understand and perform their safety responsibilities.

[video: Medium shot of the CN railway employee, looking off-screen to the right, as a freight train passes by from right to left in the background.]

[video: POV shot from the rear seat of the road–rail pickup truck. We see the backs of two Transport Canada inspectors as they drive down the tracks.]

Narrator: Together with industry, local governments and municipalities, Transport Canada works to keep railways safe for passengers and communities.

[video: A little girl smiles as she looks out the window of a moving passenger train.]

[text: “”]

Narrator: Visit us today.

[video: Black screen with Government of Canada wordmark.]

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