Oceans Protection Plan - Funding graphic

From Transport Canada

The national Oceans Protection Plan is the largest investment ever made to protect Canada's coasts and waterways for future generations, while growing our economy.




$1.5 Billion

$278 Million - Improved emergency preparedness and response

  • Establishing 24/7 emergency response and incident management
  • Increasing on-scene environmental response capacity
  • Improving oil spill response plans

$250 Million - Increased Canadian Coast Guard capacity for prevention and response

  • Acquiring new environmental response equipment
  • Increasing emergency tow capacity to respond to ships in distress
  • Building six new lifeboat stations and an inshore rescue boat station
  • Establishing a new Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary for Indigenous Peoples in British Columbia

$338 Million - Stronger ecosystem conservation

  • Restoring coastal aquatic habitats through the Coastal Restoration Fund
  • Researching the effects of marine shipping on six ecosystems in Canada
  • Addressing the threats to marine mammals from vessel noise and collisions
  • Removing and preventing abandoned and derelict vessels

$161 Million - Greater marine protection for Canada’s Arctic

  • Investing in safety equipment and marine infrastructure in northern communities
  • Expanding the National Aerial Surveillance Program to detect oil spills in the Arctic
  • Increasing the Canadian Coast Guard presence in the Arctic

$207 Million – Enhanced prevention with safer navigation and vessel tracking

  • Investing in modern hydrography and charting of Canada’s ports
  • Investing in Canada’s space-based Automated Information System to better track ships
  • Sharing near real-time information on marine traffic with Indigenous and coastal communities

$81 Million - Engaged Canadians and partnerships with Indigenous Peoples

  • Building meaningful partnerships with Indigenous Peoples
  • Expanding marine training opportunities for Indigenous Peoples through the Marine Training Contribution Fund
  • Engaging Canadians to improve their understanding of Canada’s marine safety system

$103 Million - Increased marine research and science

  • Improving understanding of how oil behaves in water
  • Enhancing ocean models of winds, waves and currents, to help responders track spills and predict their path
  • Expanding research on oil-spill response technology

$56 Million - Modernized marine safety regulations and operations

  • Updating The Pilotage Act, which governs marine pilots in Canada
  • Modernizing Canada’s marine safety regulation and enforcement regime
  • Increasing Canada’s representation in international marine safety initiatives

For more information, please visit the Oceans Protection Plan interactive map.

*program spending rounded to nearest million