Research Summaries

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The research summaries that follow are short abstracts of the research studies that were commissioned in support of the Pilotage Act Review.

  • Economic Considerations - The study involves research and analysis to answer the explicit research objectives to address the broader question of whether there are economic and competitiveness considerations concerning the magnitude of costs borne by users in the provision of pilotage services in Canada.
  • Enforcement and Definitions - The study involves research and analysis of enforcement mechanisms, issues around liability of marine pilots, and defining additional concepts in the Pilotage Act (e.g., financial self-sufficiency).
  • International Comparisons - The study provides an overview of relevant information regarding international legislative frameworks, governance structures, and performance of marine pilot services.
  • Medical Requirements - The study provides a comparative review of the medical fitness standards for seafarers and marine pilots.
  • Pilotage Authorities' Board of Directors – The study provides information regarding the composition of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Pilotage Authorities and other public sector models.
  • Pilotage Operations - The study explores various aspects of marine pilotage operations including training, certification, technology, and risk assessment.
  • Regulatory Analysis - This study compares the regulatory frameworks of the four Canadian Pilotage Authorities.
  • Tariffs and Fees - This study explores the current tariff and fee structure for the Pilotage Authorities and considers potential alternatives
  • Technology - The study explores technological advancements in marine pilotage.
  • Governance and Operating Models - This study explores potential governance and operating models for the delivery of marine pilotage services in Canada.