Pilotage Act: Bill C-97

Transport Canada marked the amendments to the Pilotage Act through the passage of Bill C-97 on June 21, 2019.

The amendments to the Pilotage Act is another action that the Government of Canada has taken through the Oceans Protection Plan to protect our coasts and waterways, while keeping its promise to strengthen Canada’s marine safety system. This action will provide a stronger, modernized pilotage system, with increased national consistency, and greater efficiency and transparency.

Pilotage Act Review

On May 31, 2017, the Government of Canada announced that Marc Grégoire had been selected to chair the review of the Pilotage Act as part of the Government’s comprehensive Oceans Protection Plan.

The review aimed to modernize the Pilotage Act while continuing to support Canada’s excellent pilotage safety record.

Research Summaries

These research summaries are short abstracts of the research studies that were commissioned in support of the Pilotage Act Review.

Summaries of stakeholder engagements

These reports are summaries of the Pilotage Act Roundtable discussions.

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