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Organization Contact Information Submission
Atlantic Pilotage Authority

 (902) 426-2550

Views of the Atlantic Pilotage Authourity on: Pilotage Act (DOCX, 57 KB)

British Columbia Coast Pilots Ltd., The

Robin Stewart
 (604) 688-0291

The British Columbia Coast Pilots Ltd. Submission (PDF, 488 KB)

Canadian Ferry Association

 (613) 686-3838

Position Paper: Pilotage Act (PDF, 672 KB)

Canadian Marine Pilots' Association

 (613) 220-8954

Canadian Pilotage: Delivering Oustanding Value for All Canadians (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Canadian Marine Pilots' Association - Atlantic Region

Atlantic Region Submission - Pilotage Act Review 2017 (PDF, 5.2 MB)
Canadian Merchant Service Guild, The

Mark Boucher
National President
 (613) 727-9531

The Canadian Merchant Service Guild Submission (PDF, 204 KB)
Canadian Steel Producers Association

Joseph Galimberti

Canadian Steel Producers Association Submission (PDF, 130 KB)
Chamber of Marine Commerce

350 Sparks Street, Suite 700
Ottawa, ON, K1R 7S8

Pilotage Act (PDF, 334 KB)
Chamber of Shipping  (604) 681-2351

Preliminary Submission to the Pilotage Act (PDF, 1 MB)

Corporation des pilotes du bas du Saint-Laurent

  (418) 692-0444

Mémoire - Examen de la loi sur le pilotage (PDF, 2.2 PDF) (only available in French)
Corporation pilotes Saint-Laurent central

 (819) 379-8882

Preliminary Report - Pilotage Act (PDF, 244 KB)
Council of Marine Carriers

 (604) 687-9677

Council of Marine Carriers Submission (PDF, 463 KB)
Cruise Lines International Association – North West & Canada

Greg Wirtz
 (604) 681-9515

Cruise Lines International Association – North West & Canada Submission (PDF, 1.9 MB)
Fertilizer Canada

Emily Pearce Rayner
Director, Government Relations
 (613) 786-3034

Pilotage Act (PDF, 201 KB)

Fraser River Pilots

Captain Mike Armstrong
CMPA Director
 (604) 928-1237

Fraser River Pilots Position on the Review of the Pilotage Act (PDF, 215 KB)

Great Lakes Pilotage Authority

Robert F. Lemire
Chief Executive Officer
 (613) 933-2991

Great Lakes Pilotage Authority Submission (PDF, 5.9 MB)
Groupe Desgagnés Inc. and Fednav Limited
Summary - Preliminary recommendations to modernize the regulatory framework of the Pilotage Act (DOCX, 287 KB)
Heiltsuk First Nation  (250) 957-2381
Heiltsuk First Nation Submission (DOCX, 41 KB)
International Longshoremen's Association

Patrick J. Murphy
Vice President
 (212) 425-1200

International Longshoremen's Association Submission (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Irving Oil Limited

Donovan W. Case
Senior Operations Representative

Irving Oil Limited Submission (PDF, 72 KB)
Laurentian Pilotage Authority

Fulvio Fracassi
Chief Executive Officer
 (514) 283-6320

Review of the Pilotage Act (4.4 MB)
Marine Recycling Corporation

3A Lake Road
Port Colborne, ON, L3K 1A2
 (905) 835-1203

Marine Recycling Corporation Response - Key Question (PDF, 619 KB)
Mariner Seafoods

Renée Mann
 (604) 215-7907

Mariner Seafoods Submission (PDF, 813 KB)
Pacific Pilotage Authority

 (604) 666-6771

Shipping Federation of Canada

 (514) 849-2325

Preliminary Comments by the Shipping Federation of Canada (PDF, 421 KB)
St. Lawrence Shipoperators

Martin Fournier
Executive Director
 (418) 648-4378 ext. 101

Examen de la loi sur le pilotage (PDF, 496 KB) (only available in French)

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority

Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Submission Regarding Review of the Pilotage Act (PDF, 71.6 KB)

Western Grain Elevator Association

Ste. 440-360 Main St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 3Z3
 (204) 942-6835
Fax: (204) 943-4328

Western Grain Elevator Association Submission (PDF, 32 KB)