Responses to marine safety recommendations

We are required by law to respond to safety recommendations made by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada after a marine accident or incident. These responses explain how we have addressed or will address safety deficiencies identified by the Board.

Transport Canada marine safety responses

This table provides a listing of Transport Canada (TC) responses to Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) investigations and recommendations for marine accidents and incidents:

TSB investigation reports Date of incident Location TSB recommendations TC responses
M15P0286 September 5, 2015 Nootka Sound, BC M16-01, 02, 03, 05 Caledonian
M15P0347 October 25, 2015 Clayoquot Sound, BC M17-01, M17-02, M17-03 Leviathan II
M16P0378 October 13, 2016 Bella Bella, BC M18-01, M18-02 Nathan E. Stewart

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