13.0 Informative Publications

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13.1 Marine Environmental Handbook

This document, published by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, gives detailed information relating to Arctic marine environmental issues and concerns specifically in the Northwest Passage. The handbook describes areas of environmental sensitivity related to native wildlife species and also to the activities of northern residents. It is strongly recommended that this document be carried on board all ships navigating in Arctic waters and consulted as necessary.

This document is available from the Canadian Hydrographic Service (21) or from any authorized Canadian hydrographic chart dealer.

13.2 Principles and Codes of Conduct for Arctic Tourism – WWF

This document is published by the World Wide Fund for Nature International ( WWF ) (47,48,49) Arctic Program (http://www.panda.org/arctic). It gives a good indication of important facts and general guidelines that operators and tourists should follow when travelling in the Arctic. Every attempt should be made to conserve the pristine environment of the Arctic regions. This code of conduct pertains to the consideration of the region’s public, environment, habitat, and wildlife and the proper conduct of the crew and passengers during their visit to the Arctic. Some key points to consider are:

  • using well trained staff, with experience in the Arctic and trained in remote location first aid,
  • ensuring that clients respect religious grounds, churches, cemeteries, and other sites with religious or cultural significance,
  • keeping the use of motorized vehicles to a minimum whenever possible in order to reduce the environmental impact, and
  • making an effort to recycle whatever possible and keep waste to a minimum.

13.3 Additional Publications

The following publications are recommended for information and reference:

  • Radio Aids to Marine Navigation, published by the Canadian Coast Guard (21);
  • Cold Weather Marine Survival Guide, published by Transport Canada (1);
  • Marine Survival Handbook for Cold Regions, published by Transport Canada (1); and

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