8. Fluid Systems

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8.1 All permanently installed tanks provided for containing fluid should be located on the longitudinal centreline or as close thereto as practical, oriented fore and aft, and located as low in the ship as possible. It is recommended that fuel tanks be fitted with divisions / baffles to minimise free surface effect.

8.2 All permanently installed tanks should be securely mounted and fastened to the ship structure, paying due regard to dynamic loads, differential expansion, and electrolytic corrosion.

8.3 The material of tanks and all components of a fluid system should be compatible with the fluid contained, neither being corroded by the fluid nor impairing the quality of the fluid.

8.4 All joints in fluid systems should be positively secured using approved methods appropriate to the material of construction.

8.5 Any components of a fluid system requiring periodic servicing or inspection should be readily accessible to permit ease of performing the required operation.

8.6 Fluid connections to tanks should be provided with valves or cocks to permit isolation of leaks or removal of system components.

8.7 Any component of a fluid system should be designed with a safe working pressure of 1.5 times the normal maximum service pressure, paying due regard to any static head within the system.

8.8 All permanently installed tanks containing replenishable consumables should be provided with identified filling connections and watertight filler caps.

8.9 All permanently installed tanks should be provided with vents in accordance with the Marine Machinery Regulations schedule XV Part 1 Div II Sections 78 to 89.

8.10 Any "grey water" overboard discharges should be by way of through-hull fittings incorporating non-return valves or shut-off cocks.

8.11 All permanently installed fluid or vent piping connected to fuel or sewage tanks should, to the maximum extent practical, be remote from accommodation spaces and normal work stations. All such tank vents should have flame screens of non-corrosive material fitted at the exit.

8.12 All ship service drains should be installed with a minimum fall towards the tank connection of 5% unless fitted with a vacuum system.

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