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An Emergency Position Indicating Radiobeacon ( EPIRB ) is mandatory on many vessels. Even if it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended. Transport Canada encourages the carriage 406 MHz EPIRB s as a very effective means of sending a distress alert.

When activated, the battery operated EPIRB transmits a signal that is recognized as a positive indication of distress by Search and Rescue forces throughout Canada and the world. The EPIRB may one day save your life.

You should:

  • Read all instructions carefully and know how it works
  • Register your EPIRB and keep the registry information up to date (1-800-727-9414)
  • If a float-free model, mount the EPIRB in a place where it can float free. Do NOT attach the lanyard to your ship
  • Test the EPIRB in accordance with regulations and the manufacturer's instructions
  • Perform regular maintenance, including battery and hydrostatic release replacements, as recommended by the manufacturer.

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