Sail Plan

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Whether leaving for a few hours or several days, a sail plan remains one of your most important lifesaving tools.

The sail plan holds information on the route you plan to take as well as details about your watercraft and the people accompanying you on board.

It is important to always leave a sail plan with a responsible person before setting out. The person should be advised to alert the appropriate authorities (Coast Guard or police) in the event that you fail to return on schedule, so that they may come to your rescue.

When undertaking a long trip it is recommended to report your location daily.


Always let the person you entrusted with your sail plan know of your return to avoid unnecessarily deploying a search.

Navigating in Commercial Shipping Channels

  • Respect right-of-way rules and keep clear of the path of larger vessels;
  • Do not obstruct the channel; for example, never moor to a navigational buoy;
  • Be seen. A radar reflector helps larger, less manoeuvrable vessels detect your presence on their radar screens;
  • Have on board the marine charts for the region you are navigating.


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