Bulletin No.: 01/1998

Date (Y-M-D): 1998-01-13

Subject: Fire In The Self-unloading Bulk Carrier "Ambassador"

A recommendation (M96 - 12) in a TSB Marine Occurrence Report No. M94M0057 concerning a fire, in the cargo handling conveyor system of the self-unloading Vanuatu Registered Bulk Carrier "M.V. AMBASSADOR, " which occurred on 31 December, 1994, was that "the Department of Transport take immediate measures to ensure that the readiness of fire stations in tunnels of self-unloading vessels is not jeopardized by the industry practice of using such stations for purposes other than fire-fighting.

This Marine Safety Bulletin is issued to ensure that Owners and Ship Operators of self- unloading bulk carriers registered in Canada, take every precaution to prevent such an occurrence. They should ensure that good housekeeping standards are maintained.

The tunnel areas should be kept free of debris. Proper fire-fighting equipment in the tunnel areas should be tested regularly, maintained in good working order, and kept mainly for the purpose of fighting fires.

For further information on the above subject you may contact Transport Canada, Marine Safety, Ottawa.

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