Bulletin No.: 02/1978

Date (Y-M-D): 1978-12-31


A recent casualty demonstrated the need for masters and crew members to have an adequate knowledge of the hazards of ice navigation.

Some basic information on ice navigation is contained in the Coast Guard publication "Ice Navigation in Canadian Waters". Section 447 of the Canada Shipping Act requires a master, at night, to keep well clear of ice or to go at a moderate speed.

The safety of a ship is a shared responsibility and owners and operators must ensure that their masters are provided with clear instructions on the proper procedure to be followed when navigating in waters where ice may be encountered. These instructions must make it clear that procedures are not to be compromised because of the ship's schedule. Masters must ensure that the company's and their own instructions on the proper procedures for navigating in area where ice may be encountered are understood and complied with.

Coast Guard surveyors may request owners, operators and masters to demonstrate that the necessary instructions are on board and may request appropriate members of the crew to demonstrate their knowledge of such instructions.

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