Bulletin No.: 03/2001

Date (Y-M-D): 2001-04-25

Subject: Stowage of Life Rafts and Inflatable Rescue Platforms

This Bulletin has been replaced by Bulletin No. 07/2007.

The following is a further reminder to ship owners and operators concerning the importance of the correct stowage of life rafts and inflatable rescue platforms.

Life Saving Equipment Regulations require every tug irrespective of voyage, and every other ship engaged on a voyage other than Home Trade IV or Minor Waters II, if they are under 25 m in length, to carry their life rafts:

  1. placed in deep chocks, without lashing; or
  2. secured by a lashing fitted with a hydrostatic release unit.

Marine Safety recommends all vessels, irrespective of size, stow their life rafts (other than davit launched rafts), and inflatable rescue platforms so as to float free in the event of sinking.

An amendment to the Lifesaving Equipment Regulations requiring all ships under 25m in length to stow their life rafts and inflatable platforms so as to float free is currently being processed.

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