Bulletin No.: 06/2008

RDIMS No.: 4213667
Date (Y-M-D): 2008-07-24


Subject: Notice of Marine Security Operation Bulletin: Ship Security Officer


This bulletin advises seafarers of the posting of a Marine Security Operations Bulletin by Marine Security, regarding the requirements of a Ship Security Officer.


Marine Security has issued a Security Bulletin advising of recent changes to the Marine Transportation Security Regulations, and in particular, the requirements for Ship Security Officers, effective January 1, 2008.

Authorized Representatives, seafarers, and training schools are advised to review the attached bulletin and take necessary steps to ensure compliance with these requirements where necessary.

Vessels that require a qualified Ship Security Officer are identified in the Marine Transportation Security Regulations. Clarifications with respect to the carriage requirements for Ship Security Officers should be addressed to Marine Security.


Marine Security Operations Bulletin 2008-001 is attached.  Any comments, suggestions or concerns can be addressed to Transport Canada, Marine Security Operations by e-mail at dirops.marsec@tc.gc.ca.



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Notice of Marine Security Operation Bulletin: Ship Security Officer (1.29 MB) 

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