Bulletin No.: 11/2000

Date (Y-M-D): 2000-09-19

This Bulletin replaces Bulletin No. 02/2000.

Subject: Marine Abandonment Immersion Suit Systems

This bulletin brings to mariners' attention two important issues regarding marine immersion suits. The first issue arises from a recent casualty investigation and concerns maintenance of immersion suits. The second issue concerns the repairing of immersion suits, which was addressed in a previous bulletin (2/2000), and is restated here.

Maintenance and Donning at Drills

There have been occurrences where immersion suit zippers have not operated properly in an emergency. Immersion suits should be maintained on board as per manufacturer's instructions (eg. storage, zipper lubrication). Boat and fire drills afford an opportunity for crew to practice donning their immersion suits to ensure that they are of an appropriate size and the zippers are properly lubricated. Further, it is important that the seams and welds be inspected for any obvious sign of deterioration or damage, which may or may not affect the integrity of the immersion suit. Personal Locator Lights should be checked to ensure the battery has not exceeded the expiry date.

Repairs and Alterations

Masters and operators of vessels are reminded that any alterations or repairs to approved marine immersion suits shall be conducted by:

  • the manufacturer;
  • an agent authorized by the manufacturer; or,
  • in the event that the manufacturer has ceased production and is no longer in business, any other manufacturer of an approved suit system who can demonstrate that they are capable of undertaking such repairs to the satisfaction of the approval authority (Transport Canada).

Transport Canada's approval of a Marine Abandonment Immersion Suit System is contingent upon repairs or alterations being done as described above and an inspection as per Appendix C of CAN/CGSB-65.16-M89 Standard for Marine Abandonment Immersion Suit Systems.

Any suit system that has been repaired by non authorized personnel, must be submitted to the manufacturer or their authorized agent for inspection in order to ascertain that the suit is still acceptable.

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