Bulletin No.: 16/1986

Date (Y-M-D): 1986-11-27

Subject: Protection of Inflatable Liferafts in Extreme Cold Conditions

The purpose of this bulletin is to advise Masters and Operators of vessels operating in extreme cold temperatures that:

  1. Inflatable liferafts are presently tested and approved to operate at a temperature of -30°C.
  2. Inflations conducted in the Arctic raise doubts with regard to the ability of liferafts manufactured to present standards to inflate effectively at temperatures below -30°C.
  3. Controlled tests conducted at temperatures below -30°C, down to -50°C, reveal that some materials, used in the construction of inflatable liferafts, may not stand up to these lower temperatures during inflation.

Consequently, to ensure that inflatable liferafts may be satisfactorily inflated in extreme low temperatures (below -30°C) it is recommended that they be protected by such means as:

  1. Electrically heated blankets
  2. Other portable thermal protection
  3. Storage within a deckhouse adjacent to the launching position
  4. Other suitable means which might achieve similar protection

Regardless of what protection is afforded, launching arrangements should not be unduly impeded.

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