Bulletin No.: 18/1998

Date (Y-M-D): 1998-12-09

Subject: Cessation of the Issue of Equivalent Canadian Certificates to Holders of Selected Commonwealth Certificates

This Bulletin replaces Bulletin No. 13/1990.


Notice was given in Ship Safety Bulletin No. 13/1990 of the intention to terminate, on 30 June 1992, the general program for the issue of equivalent Canadian certificates to holders of certain certificates of competency issued in other Commonwealth countries.

However, since the termination date there have been a number of applications from Canadian seafarers who, except for knowledge of the deadline date of 30 June 1992, would have qualified for a Canadian certificate under this program, and applications have since been accepted. This extension was originally granted for the purpose of avoiding hardship to those holders of certificates issued in other Commonwealth countries but which were accepted for use in Canadian ships.

As a result of changes to the Canada Shipping Act and the implementation of the Crewing Regulations as of 20 August 1997, such hardship is not a possibility for serving seafarers, since the use of anything other than Canadian certificates on Canadian ships by persons employed in capacities which require a certificate, is precluded (reference s.3, of SOR/97-390, and of R.S.C., 1985, c. S-9, s. 110).

Purpose of this Bulletin

This Ship Safety Bulletin serves as final notice that after 30 April 1999, no further applications will be accepted under this program.

This bulletin supersedes bulletin number 13/90 dated December 3, 1990.

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