GME 406 MHz EPIRB Product Safety Recall (Amendment 2014-08-08) - SSB No.: 04/2014

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RDIMS No .: 9175301
Date ( Y-M-D ): 2014-07-14

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This Ship Safety Bulletin:

  • informs Canadian Mariners about a recent product safety recall related to GME branded EPIRBs made by Standard Communications Pty Ltd.; and 
  • reminds Canadian Mariners to conduct periodic EPIRB inspections and provide up-to-date contact information to the Canadian Beacon Registry.


GME 406 MHz EPIRBs received Canadian type acceptance in 2008.  On July 2nd, 2014 GME issued a precautionary safety alert about a small number of GME EPIRBs that failed the self-test procedure. Such a failure may mean that the EPIRB will not operate in an emergency.

You can view this safety alert on the GME website at:

Periodic Testing:

If regulations require you carry an EPRIB on your vessel, you must:

  • test the EPIRBs at least once every six months, as set out in the manufacturer’s instructions; and
  • record the results in the radio log. 

If you carry a 406 MHz EPRIB on your vessel on a voluntary basis, Transport Canada recommends that you follow the manufacturer’s testing schedule. 


Remember, you must register 406 MHz beacons with the Canadian Beacon Registry (CBR).  You must also notify the CBR:

  • about any changes in status of your vessel or emergency point-of-contact; and
  • when you remove 406 MHz beacons for storage, sale, replacement or disposal.

You can register 406 MHz beacons free-of-charge on line at:

You can also contact the CRB by:


Canadian Beacon Registry
CFB Trenton, PO Box 1000 Stn Forces
Astra, Ontario  K0K 3W0


1-877-406-SOS1 (7671)


1-877-406-FAX8 (8298)


The following document is available for downloading or viewing:
GME 406 MHz EPIRB Precautionary Alert (120 KB )

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