Updates to the Canadian Ballast Water Reporting Form - SSB No.: 07/2018

RDIMS No .: 13890589
Date (Y-M-D) : 2018-06-01

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This bulletin has been replaced by Ship Safety Bulletin No. 07/2022


This bulletin introduces updates to the Canadian ballast water reporting form. All vessels designed or built to carry ballast water that arrive in Canada must complete this form, no matter how they intend to ballast or de-ballast. This includes vessels travelling to the Great Lakes.


This bulletin applies to all vessels that carry ballast and are in Canadian waters.


We updated this form to reflect requirements in the Ballast Water Management Convention. The convention came into force in September 2017.

The convention now requires vessels that enter Canadian waters to manage their ballasted tanks in one of the following ways:

  • carry out an exchange
  • use an onboard treatment system
  • keep ballast on board
  • pump ballast to either of:
    • a reception facility onshore
    • another vessel that can treat or keep ballast water

Reporting how vessels manage their ballast helps protect the environment. Specifically, reporting measures prevent the introduction of aquatic invasive non-native species into Canadian waters. These species are plants and animals that do not belong in our marine environment and could cause harm.

How to use the updated form

  1. Download the latest version of the ballast water reporting form:

    85-0512-AE (20 tanks) [PDF, 262 K/MB]
    85-0512-BE (30 tanks) [PDF, 309 K/MB]
    85-0512-CE (50 tanks) [PDF, 403 K/MB]

  2. Follow the instructions for how to fill out the form in Schedule 6 of the Guide to Canada’s Ballast Water Control and Management Regulations

Please note that after May 1, 2018:

  • You must use the latest version of the form (85-0512 AE/BE/CE)
  • We will only accept the form in Adobe PDF readable format 


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2. Ballast Water Reporting Form

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