Watertight and gastight integrity - SSB No.: 11/2018

RDIMS No .: 13626567
Date (Y-M-D) : 2018-08-10

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This Ship Safety Bulletin applies to all Canadian vessels.


This bulletin reminds all vessel owners and operators that it is their responsibility to maintain under all circumstances the integrity of bulkheads and decks that are required to be watertight or gastight.


Owners and operators are reminded of the following safety-related practices in order to preserve the required watertight integrity and gastight integrity of their vessel(s):

  • Means of closure in a bulkhead opening or bulkhead penetrations are to maintain the same degree of water or gas tightness as the unpierced bulkhead;
  • Pay attention to divisions that are not required to be watertight but are required be gastight to prevent smoke from entering accommodations and control stations;
  • Ensure that all types of bulkhead openings and penetrations are regularly inspected and properly maintained;
  • Ensure that bulkhead openings and penetrations are tested and approved for the intended use, where required by the regulations;
  • Ensure that maintenance and repairs of openings and penetrations are done in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, and when required, done by a qualified technician who is approved by the product manufacturer.


1. Openings
2. Watertight door
3. Penetration
4. Cable transit
5. Watertight bulkhead

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