Tall Ships

Tall ship operators must comply with two new marine security requirements. These new measures aim to balance the need to protect the marine transportation system, with the unique needs of tall ships and marine facility operators.

1. Security Measures respecting Tall Ships and Marine Facilities that interface with Tall Ships

These measures apply to tall ships on an international voyage, and marine facilities that have an interaction with tall ships. It does not apply to Canadian-flagged tall ships on a domestic voyage.

An international voyage is:

  1. Taken by a Canadian-flagged vessel
    1. between a marine facility in Canada and a place outside Canada, or
    2. between places outside Canada, or
  2. Taken by a foreign-flagged vessel within Canadian waters

Note: A Canadian tall ship's international voyage begins at the start of its last visit to a marine facility in Canada, before leaving Canada. This voyage ends when the tall ship completes its first visit to a marine facility in Canada, arriving from outside Canada.

A domestic voyage is:

  • Taken between marine facilities in Canada, by a Canadian-flagged tall ship carrying a valid marine security document issued under:
    • Marine Transportation Security Regulations or
    • Security Measures respecting Tall Ships and Marine Facilities that interface with Tall Ships

It is not considered a domestic voyage if the tall ship:

  • Has an interaction with a foreign-flagged ship, or
  • Is transiting the St. Lawrence Seaway as part of an international voyage

2. Security Measures respecting Designated Tall Ships Events

These measures apply to all tall ships and marine facilities taking part in a Transport Canada designated tall ships event, during the entire event.

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Contact your local Transport Canada Marine Safety and Security Regional Office at least 135 days prior to any tall ship event that you plan to organize, sponsor, or participate in.

For any further marine security questions, contact Transport Canada Marine Security Operations, Ports and Vessels:

Email: TC.marsecportsvsl-surmarportsbati.TC@tc.gc.ca

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